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At some banks, it takes days before your loan application is processed. And you must already send piles of documents with the application. I understand very well how annoying that can be.

Your time is valuable and you prefer to spend something nice. That is why we work online and fast service is central. In addition, we only request data that is really needed. Do we still need more information afterward? Then you can deliver it by email.

Apply for an online loan as a private individual

Apply for an <a href=online loan as a private individual” />

You can simply apply for a loan online. Without time-consuming office visits and consultations. From your easy chair to a time that suits you. For a no-obligation request, we need the following information from you:

  • Desired loan amount and loan type;
  • Living situation: rent or purchase;
  • Name and address details;
  • Marital status;
  • Children living at home;
  • Income type: permanent job, entrepreneur, benefit, etc .;
  • credit check listing. If you do not know exactly whether you have a positive or negative credit check listing, that is no problem. We always check this out at the Credit Registration Office.

And that’s it! You do not have to send any – confidential – documents for the application.

Additional Documents for Private Individuals

Additional Documents for Private Individuals

We always request confidential data by email. You can look up this information at a quiet moment and return it to us by email. Information that we request by email is:

  • Housing costs;
  • Information about your work: profession, employer, gross monthly wage and date of employment;
  • For a temporary employment contract or temporary employment contract, we ask for the end date or deployment phase;
  • In the case of a pension or disability benefit, we ask for the name of the benefits agency, the commencement date and the last inspection date.

Borrowing data for money as an entrepreneur

Borrowing data for money as an entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to borrow money online for private purposes? Then we need extra information. We will also request these from you by email. It is handy to have the information at hand so that we can offer you an affordable loan offer. You must be able to submit the annual accounts for the past three years. It is important that your company has positive equity and that you borrow money for your own use, or for private purposes. Read more on borrowing money online for entrepreneurs.

We often send you quotes from our partner banks on the same day. For this, we need all the information. I recommend that you keep the above information handy so that we can switch immediately. One final note: of course we treat your data with the utmost care. That is why we are affiliated with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. So you can always submit a request to us without any worries and without obligation. Then we look at what we can do for you.

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