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ING is the largest online bank in the world, with over 10 million customers, present in 8 countries. It is part of Ing Group, one of the most important international banking and insurance groups. Today Ing Group is in 60 countries and is present on all five continents, with more than 115,000 employees and over 60 million customers.

ING Direct has been present in Italy since 2001, the year in which it launched the Conto Arancio deposit account. ING Italia proposes:

  1. Orange Account;
  2. Orange Current Account.

Orange Account

Orange Account

Conto Arancio is the Ing Direct deposit account which makes best use of liquidity with advantageous interest rates:

    The recognized interest rate is 1%, just keep the sum deposited for 12 months (Orange + option). The base rate is instead equal to 0.3%.
  2. SURE
    Orange account leans on your current account. Your money is always available, you can transfer it to your account at any time. It is a bank deposit in all respects that secures savings. The savings are guaranteed by the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund and the Dutch government. Maximum security.
    It costs nothing. All opening, deposit, transfer and closing operations are free. No costs.
    The Orange account opens in 5 minutes. Once the documents are signed, send them by post and you are ready to make the first transfer.


Interests Account Orange

Interests Account Orange

Accrued interest is paid directly into your Orange account at the end of the year, upon expiration of the bond (with Orange + option) or at the end of the account.

Inquire now and, if you want, request an Orange Account online.

Orange Current Account


With Orange current account you have a complete current account with zero annual fee.

The orange current account also offers:

  • Debit Card, Credit Card and Prepaid Card with no fee;
  • Free withdrawals with debit card from all automated banking machines in Italy and Europe;
  • Free operations from web, mobile, App and in branch.

Inquire now and, if you want, apply for an Orange Current Account online.



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